Zulus! Thousands of ’em!


AWI Monthly Game – Aug Saturday 6th.

The Big Black one.

“Zulus….thousands of them”. Well hundreds certainly given the rate of painting (thanks Toby and Steve)…. pitched against the cream of the Colony and crack Imperial troops (and the 24th Foot).

As our first foray into 28mm 1879 and Black Powder rules its not going to be a simple ‘line them up and two sides rush in’. Rather the Umpires are playing all the Zulus with the Imperials and Colonists being split between the other participants. Each player will have his/her own personal objective (hidden from colleagues) alongside Chelmsford’s overall battle plan.

Are you going to be a Chard, a Bromhead or a de Kyp, a 30-day Ensign who’s been told to do what his sergeant says or perhaps even a Flashman.

The game is going to be large and the more the merrier….so take the Queen’s shilling lads and remember the coats are red for a reason.

Kick off will be as soon after 09:30 Sat 6th August as practical. Briefing on “Not Quite Islandwana” will be limited to a very quick canter through the order/initiative and turn sequence to be used, terrain and the special characteristics referenced above this time round as ‘Black Powder’ rules have a Quick Reference Sheet available on the web so if you’ve not played it before have a read and ponder.

All figures will be provided (if you’ve got some figures let me know and I’m sure we can write into the relevant orbat) as will copies of the QRS and some game aids.

Confirmation of interest please to me by Thursday 4th Aug to ensure we balance off the numbers playing and figures committed.


Useful Links:

Black Powder main webpage
Quick Reference Sheet

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