September Big Game: Trawlers!

Photo courtesy of David Manley

This Saturday sees our next big game. Stephen Etheridge is running a game based on the Cod Wars of the 1970s. Here is Stephen’s description of the game:

So September’s “happening” will be a 20th century asymmetric naval engagement over three small sea areas. As befits such, one side will be heavily outnumbered – but I promise they will have the most fun and have every chance of meeting their victory conditions while their “lumbering” opponent will have everything to lose!

There will be no need for preparatory movement or organisation, the game will be easily contained in the space of one day, shorter depending on the restraint of certain parties…… There will be little map movement in this scenario (mainly just book-keeping) and the scenario will heavily favour good “ship drivers” and people with crystal balls (now that did not come out as intended). There should be plenty of opportunity for participation as the scenario demands one participant – one ship to emphasise the “driving” aspects of the game! Smelly Arran or Fair Isle jumpers are optional for the day.

Things are complicated by a number of political dimensions – both sides need to be seen to be whiter than persil and International Maritime Law will be upheld at all times (sort of……). Also the court of International Opinion will deduct points for perceived bullying of smaller nations, reckless endangerment, bad accents, etc.

If all goes to plan, we will be using ship models/counters that are currently being “3d printed” specifically for the game – yes I know it’s a shock to go to such lengths for an AWI game, but I did study CSG at Uni some 34 years ago and this is the first time I have ever used it in anger, or apathy!

For more about this unusual naval conflict, see this post from David Manley and this article on Wikipedia.

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