October Big Game: Bolt Action!

Bolt Action

The season of autumn mists, leaves on the line etc. is with us. Which means

October 1st is WW2 Bolt Action Day.

I’m hoping to play something from September 1944 – in the vicinity of Hell’s Highway as a prompt.

As I know there are some of you less interested in WW2, we’ll also have SAGA on hand with a small competition there.

Bids for either game please to me by 29th SEPT in order to ensure we’ve got scenario and players matched. If you want to bring your own figures please let me know , preferably with list of troops available.

The rules will be basic Bolt Action but with some local arrangements to cover movement of units (particularly those in vehicles or not yet in contact). These can be found here.

See you in October.


Useful Links:

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