December Big Game: Medic, Medic!

December sees the club return to a game that hasn’t made an appearance for quite some time: Medic, Medic!

Medic, Medic!

The description from the rules document states:

A fast play set of rules for demonstration games etc. covering modern colonial and intervention actions
Developed from a Mike Slack original idea by Pete Connew of the Abbeywood Irregulars.

Games are set in a fictional 1990s Turkmenistan with players taking on the roles of various United Nations Forces as well as local forces.

Medic, Medic!

From Pete’s description of past games, it seems interaction between the various UN force commanders can play as much a part as boots on the ground (or figures on the tables).

If you are interested in participating, please let Pete know by December 1, so he can balance the scenario accordingly.


Useful Links:

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