January 2017 Big Game: General Brigade de luxe

Details from Pete of January’s main game:

Just to confirm the January game I’m running will be 15mm (well 18mm actually) Napoleonic – General Brigade de luxe rules (ie Dave’s 3rd edition not that he ever calls it that!). Vittoria 1813, Assault on the hill of Arinez.

The more the merrier. but please could I have confirmations by Jan 2nd. email


We miss New Year’s Day this year as the first Saturday is the 7th. Probably means there will be less left over Christmas fare that will need consuming.

As always, there is room for other games if Napoleonic warfare isn’t your cup of tea, so feel free to offer something up. And there are figures for Saga and The Men Who Would Be Kings available to make use of, just let us know if you’d like them got out.


Photos: December Big Game: Medic, Medic!

A small selection from December’s big game of Medic, Medic! can be found on Flickr.

Thanks to Pete for putting the scenario together and for everyone who participated. I believe every force commander claimed their objectives had been achieved, even the Iranian Revolutionary Guard who were thwarted in their attempt to secure some much needed Russian equipment! And not once did any of the UN forces cry out “Medic, Medic!”, even when the US cobra was downed.