February Big Game: Gettysburg – sometime on the first day?


The following announcement has been made about February’s big game:

The Army needs good men!

It’s a Man’s life in the American Civil War Army!
Join the Army today & become an Officer really quick!

Apply to Gettysburg Quartermaster’s Office at Union HQ/ CSA HQ & be the heroic leader that stirring tales are written about!
(Long beards or flowing moustaches are an optional extra)

Join up today to lead Johnny Reb or Billy Yank to Victory!

If you are interested in participating, or if ACW isn’t your thing and you’d like to offer something else, please let Pete know.


Photos and write-ups: January 2017 Big Game Day

Napoleonic Game in full swing

Our first big game day of 2017 saw three different games being played. The main game was a 15mm Napoleonic battle using General Brigade de luxe rules recreating Vittoria 1813, Assault on the hill of Arinez.

A selection of photos of the game can be found on Flickr.

Pete, who organised the game kindly provided the following recap:

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