March Big Game: All at sea again!


Stephen Etheridge has released the following information about March’s big game:


The main game for 4 March will be another of my soggy naval encounters, this time set during the Anglo-Dutch contretemps during the 17th century.

As Pete said on Saturday last, we will be limited a little for space as the main hall will be in alternative use, so it would be helpful for me to gauge numbers who want to (or will!) play.

Each player will control a squadron of ships (3-5), or so the plan is currently. The game will be using rules from Rod Langton, “Tiller and Whipstaff” which are reputed to be quick play………….but I will see about that when I playtest them!

Can you reply ASAP so I can get planning.


Stephen, aka Old Father Neptune

If you are interested in participating, please let Pete know as soon as possible.