April Big Game: Mission Command heads north!

Alan Paul is running an Eastern Front game of Mission Command for our April meeting. Here is what Alan has to say about the game:

The Eastern Front. For the Soviet Army, it was a long way and a costly way to retreat, and now it’s a long way and a costly way to push forward to Germany. But after Kursk it’s just a matter of time and blood. For the German Army, the endless steppe is no longer the front, now it’s back nearly to the Baltic States and Poland, trading space for time, so that the Army can be re-built.

The date is sometime during the autumn of 1944. Pskov / Pleskau on the north of the Eastern Front is an important rail junction and flank protection for the long German front line. A Russian Tank Corps has been tasked with pushing German parachute (and other) troops out of the town and across the river. The Germans have to delay them for as long as possible.

This April’s Mission Command game will be a second outing for this scenario, which some of you may remember from 4 years ago. It will be fought out on several linked tables, representing the town and surrounding area. Although victory overall can be earned by either side, each commander will have their own victory assessment, based on losses inflicted and taken, and on positions held or lost.

Please let Pete and myself know if you can make it to Pskov / Pleskau on 1 April. It’ll be a blast!

Photos and write-up: The Assault on Fort Gertrude

Chris Tuck has kindly provided a write up of the game he and Toby Whitty played at February’s big game day.

The Assault on Fort Gertrude

Being another of the military encounters between the warring states of Mittelheim

Comprising the latest action in the military ‘cake and arse party’ that are the Wars of the Gelderland Succession, the assault on Fort Gertrude pits a combined force of attackers from the Kingdom of Gelderland and the Palatinate of Saukopf-Bachscuttel against the defending troops of Imperial Fenwick.

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