Napoleonic Naval Shenanigans

Saturday April 13 saw Lloyd, Mat, Michael, Pete, Richard and myself gather under the stewardship of Stephen E, to partake in some Napoleonic naval shenanigans using rules from Donald Featherstone’s Naval War Games.

Stephen has kindly written a short recap of the day’s activities:

Many thanks to those who braved the seas off Cape Finistere with its ever changing winds yesterday.  

It was a very close fought game and a bit too close to call really.  Both sides did what they had been told and engaged the enemy ferociously.  At the end, there were numerous ships adrift and a number had struck their colours.  The French had three sunk (two second rates and a third rate) though they had a squadron almost without damage left (though they were lagging behind somewhat).  The Brits had had no ships sunk, but the bulk of their fleet was dis-masted.  It is safe to say neither fleet would be featuring very heavily in Trafalgar which was to follow very shortly.

The British Admiral also avoided court martial, unlike his historical prototype.

Thanks again all.


A selection of photographs from the day can be found on Flickr.

A big thank you to Stephen for putting the game together and to my fellow players for making it a fun days gaming.

– Neil.

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