October’s Big Games: Maurice Write Up

Thanks to Toby Whitty for the write-up of the Maurice game from last Saturday.

Preamble: “Maurice” is a very innovative rules system to play games of 18th C warfare concentrating on the difficulties of command and control. More information about the rules themselves is here: http://www.sammustafa.com/honour/modules-games/maurice/

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November Big Game 1: Mission Command

It’s fast approaching Mission Command time again – 5 November, and there will be fireworks in Frome!

A Day in the Sun
Somewhere in Normandy, July 1944

This scenario is based on one that we used as a demo at Salute 15 (not exactly the same however, so quite playable by those attending that event).

Overview: The British are maintaining pressure on the Germans to the north of Caen. 6th Airborne Division, far from being withdrawn for recuperation, now forms the northern coastal flank of the continuing British operations to expand the beachhead to the east and south. Opposite them are elements of the much depleted 2 Panzer Division.

It’s clear to everyone that a major push is coming from British 1 Corps divisions and 30 Corps further south, but this northern flank will perform a vital hinge for both. The Germans have heard the noise of armoured vehicles moving into position opposite them, but then again, so have the British…

For this game, we can adjust forces to fit the available players – it will be roughly a brigade each side.

Please would you let Pete know whether you’re interested in participating in this Mission Command game. Feel free to indicate a preference for British or Germans, and I’ll try to accommodate your wishes. When I have an approximation of numbers of players, I can adjust the scenario accordingly. It’s also worth noting that the revised Mission Command now has rules for AFVs to overrun infantry – exciting isn’t it!


October’s Big Games

Yesterday saw three games take place: a Bolt Action skirmish, a The Men Who Would Be Kings colonial battle and an 18th century “Imagination” game using the Maurice rules. Everyone seemed to have a good time at their respective tables.

"It's going all right so far"

A small selection of photos from the day can be found on Flickr.

Pete has provided the following After Action Report for the Bolt Action game:

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October Big Game: Bolt Action!

Bolt Action

The season of autumn mists, leaves on the line etc. is with us. Which means

October 1st is WW2 Bolt Action Day.

I’m hoping to play something from September 1944 – in the vicinity of Hell’s Highway as a prompt.

As I know there are some of you less interested in WW2, we’ll also have SAGA on hand with a small competition there.

Bids for either game please to me by 29th SEPT in order to ensure we’ve got scenario and players matched. If you want to bring your own figures please let me know , preferably with list of troops available.

The rules will be basic Bolt Action but with some local arrangements to cover movement of units (particularly those in vehicles or not yet in contact). These can be found here.

See you in October.


Useful Links:

Bolt Action Larger game Adjustments V0.2
Bolt Action Rules FAQ
Bolt Action Playsheet

Photos: September Big Game: Trawlers!

A small selection from September’s big game of the 1970s Cod Wars can be found on Flickr.

Thanks to Stephen Etheridge for organising what was a fun days gaming that saw the Icelandic Coast Guard come away with the victory, or should that be, the least damaged public rating. Apparently the Royal Navy are still holding the enquiry in to how one of their warships not only rammed and heavily damaged another of their fleet, causing it to have to return to port, but also managed to ram and sink one of the British trawler fleet! Not a great day for the British all told.

September Big Game: Trawlers!

Photo courtesy of David Manley

This Saturday sees our next big game. Stephen Etheridge is running a game based on the Cod Wars of the 1970s. Here is Stephen’s description of the game:

So September’s “happening” will be a 20th century asymmetric naval engagement over three small sea areas. As befits such, one side will be heavily outnumbered – but I promise they will have the most fun and have every chance of meeting their victory conditions while their “lumbering” opponent will have everything to lose!

There will be no need for preparatory movement or organisation, the game will be easily contained in the space of one day, shorter depending on the restraint of certain parties…… There will be little map movement in this scenario (mainly just book-keeping) and the scenario will heavily favour good “ship drivers” and people with crystal balls (now that did not come out as intended). There should be plenty of opportunity for participation as the scenario demands one participant – one ship to emphasise the “driving” aspects of the game! Smelly Arran or Fair Isle jumpers are optional for the day.

Things are complicated by a number of political dimensions – both sides need to be seen to be whiter than persil and International Maritime Law will be upheld at all times (sort of……). Also the court of International Opinion will deduct points for perceived bullying of smaller nations, reckless endangerment, bad accents, etc.

If all goes to plan, we will be using ship models/counters that are currently being “3d printed” specifically for the game – yes I know it’s a shock to go to such lengths for an AWI game, but I did study CSG at Uni some 34 years ago and this is the first time I have ever used it in anger, or apathy!

For more about this unusual naval conflict, see this post from David Manley and this article on Wikipedia.

Zulus!: Photos

Much later than originally intended, this is just a quick post to point out the photos from August’s big game – Zulus! – can be found on Flickr at https://flic.kr/s/aHskEFqDtg.


It was hoped that Major H. Flashman would be able to provide an account of the battle, but it appears he is still in shock having barely escaped the massacre with his, and the regiment’s, valuables intact!

Next up: Trawlers!

Zulus! Thousands of ’em!


AWI Monthly Game – Aug Saturday 6th.

The Big Black one.

“Zulus….thousands of them”. Well hundreds certainly given the rate of painting (thanks Toby and Steve)…. pitched against the cream of the Colony and crack Imperial troops (and the 24th Foot).

As our first foray into 28mm 1879 and Black Powder rules its not going to be a simple ‘line them up and two sides rush in’. Rather the Umpires are playing all the Zulus with the Imperials and Colonists being split between the other participants. Each player will have his/her own personal objective (hidden from colleagues) alongside Chelmsford’s overall battle plan.

Are you going to be a Chard, a Bromhead or a de Kyp, a 30-day Ensign who’s been told to do what his sergeant says or perhaps even a Flashman.

The game is going to be large and the more the merrier….so take the Queen’s shilling lads and remember the coats are red for a reason.

Kick off will be as soon after 09:30 Sat 6th August as practical. Briefing on “Not Quite Islandwana” will be limited to a very quick canter through the order/initiative and turn sequence to be used, terrain and the special characteristics referenced above this time round as ‘Black Powder’ rules have a Quick Reference Sheet available on the web so if you’ve not played it before have a read and ponder.

All figures will be provided (if you’ve got some figures let me know and I’m sure we can write into the relevant orbat) as will copies of the QRS and some game aids.

Confirmation of interest please to me by Thursday 4th Aug to ensure we balance off the numbers playing and figures committed.


Useful Links:

Black Powder main webpage
Quick Reference Sheet

Forthcoming Attractions

Details of a few upcoming dates for your diaries:

Attack! 2016

Attack! 2016 is at Devizes School on July 16 & 17. Whilst AWI aren’t running a game at the show this year, a few members will be in attendance. Neil will be helping the Wings of Glory Aerodrome UK Wing run World War One dogfights all weekend, whilst Pete, Steve and John will be taking part in the DBM competition. Full details including lists of traders and participation games can be found at the show’s website – http://www.ddwg.org.uk/attack-2016/.

August Big Game

Having missed July due to the Frome Festival, we are back to normal in August with a slightly unusual big game – “Not Quite Islandwana”. Full details to come in a follow up post, but if your fancy facing off against thousands of zulus, put Saturday August 6 in your diary.

IPMS Avon Annual Show

The IPMS Avon Annual Show is at Thornbury Leisure Centre on Sunday August 7. Richard and J will be putting on an ACW demonstration game.

Richard says:

The game is Antietam (from the Sunken Lane to Dunker Church, to be precise. I have made models of both of these landmarks). I expect to have 5 Confederate and 7 Federal brigades (not necessarily those that were present at the real Antietam) plus 6 artillery batteries and vignettes (and an observation balloon – definitely not there, but might have been. This gets a mention in the display sheets).

Whilst this is predominately a modeling show, there will be a number of wargames traders there, as well as some other demonstration and participation games. Full details can be found at http://ipmsavon.org.uk/shows.php.