Noblesse Oblige

“Being in the Main a Game of the Life and Times 
of a Gentleman Adventurer and his Several Companions”

Welcome to the Paris of King Louis XIII in the Year Of Our Lord 1620, where you, good monsieur, may see fit to find honour, fame and fortune amongst the great and the good of la belle France. “En Garde!”

Noblesse Oblige is is a game of En Garde! (the swashbuckling role-playing game) using a turn-based or Play-By-e-Mail format. Each turn is a month in the game. Players negotiate with each other and then send orders for their character to the GM. I adjudicate what happens (which is not necessarily what the players intended!) and produce a narrative report for all players. 

Players also get an individual character sheet each turn. This sets out the attributes of their character and what happened to them in the month (game turn) just finished.

Noblesse Oblige (Nobo for short) is very much based on the format of Pevan’s “Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses” version of GDW’s “En Garde!” rules using the clarifications and tweaks that he has added. These can be found here as a PDF document: LPBS rules (0.4 Mb)
Although not necessary to play, a set of the rules may be useful and is available here:  Games from Pevans

Herewith Gentles are your routes to getting ones swash well and truly buckled:

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